Who are the globe’s tyrants that have for so long held humanity in its grip?

Who are the ones who’s name [by their decree] must not be uttered?

Who are the groups that for so long have held the world’s industrial nations and third world countries both in the grip of its’ feverish greed and lust for blood and war?

Who is the group that makes up 2% of the world’s population, holding the noose over the other 98%?

Who are the ones so afraid of exposure that they will do everything and anything it takes to snuff out all attempts and threats by others before these brave ones often even have a chance to fully stand?

Who is it that controls the globe’s media and thus have had the advantage in re-writing their own version of history to justify their own aims, as well as covering their criminal tracks in the process?

Who holds amongst the smallest population as a race of people -even when they are not a race at all-over the majority of other true races?

Who is it that poisons the planet, the peoples’ bodies and minds with equally toxic garbage, all quite deliberately?

Who is it that now has come to the place and time where their millenia-old control of the masses IS to be known publicly?


Have you answered WHO they are yet?


If not, I implore you…

THINK about who owns the opinions that you have and believe make you you…

REMEMBER what it was your parents taught you about how to get by in the world, how to make money?

Remember, the values inculcated in you around money and survival which affected the direction of your entire life, your passions, who and what you would associate yourself with? That that survival dictated many of the opinions you currently hold, your value systems and more importantly, how you feel about your own worth as a human.

All that you are is through the choices you have made. And many of the choices you have made have been based on flimsy notions of your being and feeling ‘not good enough’. Thus are most of you beings driven by fear, by lack and by a shaky sense of self.

Do you wish for real and true freedom? Freedom that starts at the centre of your being and works its way outwards into creating a world tailor-made by you? One of prosperity and abundance which flows from you with an ease, even as it is ever the Source of all things.

This can be yours, children of earth. But first and in order to make the transformation, you will need to know that which has been your ever-present and silent, but most deadly opponents. And the creators of the many obstacles in this saga of the history of humanity.

I introduce…the ones who call themselves members of the Jewish race.